Blue Door

Blue Door, another corner coffee shop, sits next to Arnold Hall, on 34th and Bull streets, in close proximity to Foxy Loxy. The shop's layout is awkward and long making it uninviting, but they specialize in waffles and coffee so naturally I'll get both.

I order the $4.29 #2 Waffle Sandwich with turkey, bacon, bri cheese, apple slices and apple butter and the $4.30 Into Darkness coffee. I haven't had breakfast and this sounds like a dream to the growling pit I call my stomach.

I decide to 86 the syrup and try the waffle for its original contents. But I'm not impressed. The waffle is dry and a little undercooked, which is totally a personal preference but I like my waffles a little crunchy and so I hope that the apple butter will save it. 

But it doesn't. I don't even taste the apple butter. The meats are bland. For the first time, bacon doesn't have flavor. I'm gagging on the turkey and the apple slices are flimsy and tasteless. A disappointment. Nothing compared to Mirabelle Cafe's waffles.

So I turn to my coffee. 

And thank God.

This is the best coffee I've had in Savannah. This iced latte has a brown sugar syrup and chocolate syrup mixed in. Y'all. I can't deal. It's the perfect iced coffee. The syrups contrast exquisitely with the bitterness of the coffee. And it's iced. And even on cold days, I like my coffees iced. It feels like this coffee was made personally for me. I know it's overdramatic, but really, where has this drink been all my life?

And for $4.30? It's the cheapest coffee I've gotten in this city. My luck has finally turned around. After those horrid waffles, some higher power said, Girl, I gotchu with this coffee. If there's ever an appropriate time to use the phrase "bless up," it's now. #BLESSUP

So go to Blue Door for the coffee, not the environment and definitely skip the waffles.