Foxy Loxy Café

Foxy Loxy Café, a miracle worker for sleep-deprived students, a meeting grounds for professors, a gift to all of Savannah.

Foxy feels more like a home than a cafe to me with its nooks and crannies you can crawl into to enjoy your cup of coffee. There are the few tables on the street, just outside of the shop. But indoors, there's a main room with a couch, several stools and tables, a sun room with a handful of wooden tables and accompanying chairs, a back room with one large meeting table and chairs and then there's upstairs which is the lower level's fraternal twin. And of course, the courtyard out back, quite possibly my favorite place to settle in with my coffee.

So I order my $4 Mocha and Vegan Lemon Bar, take my number, and sit out at a quaint black metal table with a matching black metal chair, next to the tree trunk wrapped in twinkle lights.

When ordering, I make the mistake of saying, "Can I just have a mocha?"

Which in turn gives the barista the right to poke some fun. "Just a mocha?," he responds, horrified and joking. "It's not just a mocha."

After just a few minutes, a server comes to find me in the courtyard, delivering my coffee and treat, and taking my number back to the kitchen with him.

And that's when I realize the barista at the counter was right. Even if he was just using my misspeaking as ground for teasing, he's right. This mocha is not just a mocha. My first sip is smooth and rich, reminding me more of a hot chocolate than a mocha (and while I always love my coffee flavor, this hot chocolate-mocha combo is perfectly satisfying because we all know how much I love my chocolate, too). I coddle my cozy, black mug and thankfully, I get my fix of quality latte art with my mocha's cute little leaf that I promptly slurp up.

Sitting next to the outdoor fountain and ivy-covered walls, it seems obvious why Foxy Loxy consistently (and literally) has lines out the front door. Even if their coffee wasn't the kryptonite it is, the atmosphere and friendly staff would make up for it. The mismatched, sticker-wallpapered shop and its bearded baristas fit right in here in Savannah.

Monday-Saturday: 7AM -11PM
Sunday: 8AM-6PM