Mirabelle Cafe

Stationed across from St. John's Cathedral, Mirabelle Café fits right in with its brick facade and gas fire lamps. Walking in through the glass and turquoise painted wood doors brings you to a cafe separated by a stairwell, introducing you to Mirabelle's biggest, but perhaps only, flaw--the layout.

To the right is a small seating area, a bar and several metal turquoise stools, and of course the counter with the register, toasters, etc.

To the left of the stairs is another small seating area with a few cushioned chairs and a table.

PS: You can't go upstairs. Bummer, I know. But I think it's safe to assume the suites (of Mirabelle Suites & Cafe) are up there.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

You'll be lucky to find a seat here, due to its strange layout and popularity, but I manage to snag one outside after I order my large Cappuccino for $3.75, small Bipolar Hot Chocolate for $4.25 and Southern Belle waffle for $6.

So I sit at my wobbly turquoise table in a wicker chair and listen for my name to be called from behind the marble counter. When I hear "Victoria" yelled from the friendly, but tired barista, however, there's not much room to squeeze through other customers waiting for their food and waiting to order. My drinks and waffles are waiting for me right in front of the cash register, but I can't get to them without a dozen excuse me's and awkward shuffles.

My friend Scarlett ordered a Cinnamon Latte and the House Special waffle, which are the waffle pictured at the bottom and the drink on the far left.

Alas, I sit to eat.

And a tourist passes and says, "look at that," with a longing, jealous groan.

Let me explain, my Southern Belle waffle is a waffle topped with lemon curd creme and raspberries, and it's an experience, one I wolfed down. Beware, this dish is not for those who don't adore sweets. My sweet tooth is the biggest tooth I have and I even found the last few bites hard to gobble up--but I did it, nonetheless (I have a reputation).

The Bipolar Hot Chocolate is the drink on the far right--a hot chocolate with a scoop or Leopold's ice cream, either vanilla, maple or coffee. Torn between coffee and maple, I splurged for maple, and let me tell you, I know there's no coffee in this drink, but it's a must have. The combination of chocolate and maple is not one to miss. Walk instead of taking Lyft and spend that $4.25 on this drink. 

And last but not least, my coffee, my 16 oz Cappuccino, my love. Made with PERC coffee, the Cappuccino is a classic with real foam. The same kind of foam I found at Café M, the real kind, the kind you need to eat with crystal rock candy.  You know, this kind. >>>

While Scarlett and I sit and consume, a Priest walks out of the Cathedral holding a large cross followed by other men in white robes, to which we gulp our coffees, wide-eyed, and she says, "I feel ill." So perhaps, for those who aren't religious, visit Maribelle's on a day that isn't the Lord's Day. But for the least expensive coffee (and still great coffee) in downtown, Mirabelle's takes the prize.


Monday-Sunday: 8AM-5PM